• Becoming a Regional Representative for AMEND will enable me to support fellow AMEND members using my experience gained as an Occupational Therapist.  Working with people in acute hospitals, community and rehabilitation settings across North and South Warwickshire, has given me a wealth of experience and understanding of how illnesses and health disorders affect the everyday lives of my patients and the families that support them.

    Having been diagnosed with MEN1 in 2004, and currently living with tumours,  I understand the impact of being diagnosed with a rare condition and living with the fear of not knowing how what the future holds.  Having had surgical removal of tumours and resulting complications to deal with and continue to live with, it has a great impact on your life and on those that you love and who support you through your journey.

    Meeting fellow members at regional meetings and facilitating peer support will help us all along our individual journeys.  No one understands what we face unless they themselves are a fellow suffer and it helps to talk to those who are on a similar journey to ourselves.  However, no two experiences are the same as we are all very different but those experiences shared and discussed can help others greatly.

    My motivation to undertake this role is driven from my experiences both on a personal and professional basis, I am a very caring person, socially active, easily approachable, good listener, and want to share my knowledge and give my help to support others through these regional meetings at a local venue and on a more regular basis.

    I look forward to meeting you, making new friends and enjoying a sociable time.