• We value all our volunteers enormously and provide training and resources where appropriate, as well as present an annual Volunteer of the Year Award. There are lots of opportunities to get involved, some of which are listed below. If you have specific skills which you think we may find useful in any way, please do just let us know!

    AMEND (and Phaeo Para Support UK)

    • Trustees (overseeing the appropriate management of the charity in charge of PPSUK, AMEND)
    • Regional Volunteers (providing opportunities for members to meet locally for peer support).  We are particularly keen to recruit a PPGL Regional Volunteer, and from the South of England.
    • Website & IT Committee members (to help us maintain and develop our web and social media presence)
    • Student Work Experience Placements / Internships at AMEND

    Please click on the links above to learn more, or contact Jo Grey to discuss any of these opportunities.