• Lead Counsellor, Kym Winter, and Mindfulness Practitioner, Mala Malani

    Mindfulness is a mind/body approach that helps us to relate differently to our experiences. It can be extremely helpful in managing difficult times and conditions like depression, pain and anxiety. But you don’t have to be facing problems to benefit from ‘being mindful.’ Being connected through technology 24/7 and always being busy can deprive us of connecting with ourselves, nature and those we love and care about.

    Mindfulness can help us become aware of the choices we make in life, and make changes if we want to. By paying attention (through formal and informal practice) to our thoughts, feelings and body sensations we can better notice our responses to things, become more self-aware and able to manage our lives, emotions and circumstances positively.

    Those who practice regularly say it can help:

  • enhance enjoyment of life
  • improve relationships
  • increase creativity
  • reduce depression and anxiety
  • regulate eating and drinking
  • deal with stress
  • ‘balance’ and rest your internal systems
  • calm the mind
  • Much of our worries are about either the future (over which we have limited control), or the past (which is behind us). When we are being mindful we are truly present in the here and now, which can be very liberating.

    Mala Malani explains about Mindfulness:

  • Introduction to Mindfulness